Danyelle Dotson

President / Phlebotomist / Nursing Assistant


Hello, my name is Danyelle Dotson and I am the creator of From The Heart Mobile Labs. 

My Vision is to help provide a variety of services for my Patients and Clients. I would like for it to grow Nationwide so that I may help people all over the world. 

My background started off with in-home care, taking care of patients' here and there and assisting them with their daily living activities. After a couple of years, I decided to upgrade my skills and become Licensed. I first attended Homestead Inc for Nursing Assistant to be able to be very hands-on with patients. 

I knew this would be a great field to get involved with. After 10 plus years of doing so and building up my experience, I wanted to do more and be able to provide a different service to my patients and one, in particular, was phlebotomy. I then attended AMUT for phlebotomy and became a Certified Phlebotomist Technician. I learned about the many ways I could help my patients beyond the nursing field. 

By using the right tools I could help contribute to a more accurate technique and testing which needed to be provided so that accurate recordings were delivered to their Physicians. On my journey in the medical field, I have realized what needs to be done, and how just by doing my job as accurately as possible. 

Having a smile on my face with a good attitude and heart made me do so much more, and I decided it was time to create a business where I could involve all the things I loved to do. 

BBB Accreditation Approved